Purchasing and restoring our cabin has been more about researching, learning and doing than relaxation so far.

We’ve had a lot of fun researching and learning each night about DIY resources, fun cabin recipes, trout fishing, identifying plant species, and updating our plumbing, electrical, framing and log home building skills the last three months.  There are some terrific sites and individuals who have already figured everything out for us – below are just a few of our favorites.


Ana White – Free and easy DIY furniture plans to save you money  This Alaska homemaker’s site is a one stop shop for easy to use plans, resources, and blog links for all things furniture and DIY.  

Curbly – DIY Design Community  Apparently this blog is for you if you love where you live.

This (sorta) Old Life  This “blog about fixing stuff” really is about fixing all kinds of stuff.  I’ve found several useful ideas and future project plans.  The authors are taking a wider view of the world and fixing a little more than just their home.


T. L. Davenport Builders  Custom home remodeling in York, PA since 1985 and our FIRST call when we want some help.

Delta Lumber  Full service home center and lumber yard.  Also known as “the folks who are willing to brave the road with a delivery!”

The Mill of Whiteford  Lawn and garden product with bulk materials like coal, sand, stone, and feed. 


Maybe Janeé will compile these for you soon! (hint, hint)


One thought on “Resources

  1. Wow, thanks for the link to our blog! You are making us look like the amateur DIYers we are! I’m so impressed with the stuff you’ve done with your kitchen–plumbing is for the truly brave. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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