Water tank upgrade

New tank!The cabin water makes its way to a 55 gallon blue storage tank via gravity from a spring-fed cistern at an average rate of 100 gallons/hour.  The lopsided tank was insulated with a large piece of carpeting and covered by some fancy blue styrofoam.

With easier access under the structure during deck demolition, we took the opportunity to get tanked.

A quick trip to Tractor Supply for a 135 gallon leg tank I’d had my eye on for the past six months and I was ready to roll.

After some excavation, I set up a sturdy foundation for the tank to rest on.  There is nearly one foot of gravel under each of the timber steps.

Everyone got dirty, even Toby then yellow lab!

The new tank has a rather ugly overflow pipe that will thankfully be hidden by the new deck.  We are looking forward to building a water feature for the overflow to play on.

Existing water tank

Existing water tank

Gettin' dirty

Gettin’ dirty


Tank foundation

Tank foundation



Independence Day

With the 4th of July on a Wednesday, we were so happy that we found a cabin just 90 minutes from home so that we could pop up for the day. Our friends, Mary and Frode, and their three dogs joined us for an all-American celebration of BBQ, beer, swimming in the creek, and not-too-loud fireworks (so as not to scare the pups) and sparklers. On the way there, we caught the fireworks in Stewartstown, which was a great little show! All in all, a perfect holiday.


PS: hi to our neighbor Bridget from E. Trails Road, who came by to introduce herself and ask us over for a cookout!

celebrating dead presidents at the cabin

View across the cabin without the wall
Mary and I headed to Airvill to celebrate President’s Day with hammers in our hands.  We made quick work of finishing the wall demo, exploring which circuits sent power to outlets and/or switches, polishing off a bag of chips and whatever was in Janeé’s flask, removed a section of the kitchen counter, and started vacuuming.  We decided you could vacuum the cabin six more times and it would still need vacuuming.  

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View across the cabin without the wall

ROOM WITH A VIEW: You can see from one side to the other without the wall

let there be light!

It works – it really does – we have power and lights and anything else you want to plug in thanks to Jim the fearless PECO contractor who met me at the top of the hill and followed me down the trail to the cabin in his 4×2 truck.

Pizza Hut lamp we're donating to Mary's house

Mary votes we keep the Pizza Hut style light.  I vote it would look terrific in her basement.

making it ours – without that wall

From the moment we first were inside the cabin we knew we would take down a wall and closet the divided the tiny 360 square foot structure living space.

Of course, Biz and Mary wanted to have a hand in the demolition.