Outsmarting the faucet police

Spring is here, and we are thrilled to have the water back on at the cabin. To unwinterize, we had to flush the antifreeze out of all the lines, flip on the pump, and watch on amazement as the cabin sprung back to life. Water in the shower? Check! Bathroom sink and toilet? Check! Kitchen sink? ….. Kitchen sink? …. Well, shoot.

So the next two hours went something like this: jiggle the pipes, bang with wrench, turn the faucet on and off, unhook the pump, more banging, more jiggling, and the eventual realization that we should disassemble the faucet. And when we did, we found this: a sneaky plastic aerator with the very tiniest of holes that were clogged by the silt from our spring-fed water system. After that little plastic dictator was popped out, the water flowed clear and stronger than we’ve ever had from the kitchen sink. Success!

Now I know this is a cabin blog and not a forum for corporate discontent, but I’d like to take a moment to say to the faucet manufacturers of the world: aerators suck. I’m an adult and I can regulate my own water usage. In this case, our water comes out of the side of a mountain and keeps flowing at 100 gallons per hour no matter whether we turn on the tap or take a dozen showers. We are lovers of nature and truly want to be good stewards of the earth (we have a cabin in the woods for crying out loud!), but, please, for the love of god, let me wash my dishes.


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