Meeting the neighbors

We’ve been so busy enjoying the cabin these summer weekends that I haven’t been back to blog about all the fun we’re having. Sorry to disappoint. I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out to our neighbor from up the road, Melanie, and her pal, Jane, who found this blog and emailed us to welcome us to the community.

Melanie and Jane are on a two-woman crusade to protect the private roads of Susquehanna Trails from trespassing four-wheelers. In our township, unauthorized use of private property for off-roading caries a fine of $600 …. plus the wrath of the residents. It may seem like faun place to let loose, but the damage these riders do to the landscape takes years to repair. Kudos to Melanie and Jane for their work to protect the natural environment of the Muddy Creek banks. Melanie is also fighting back against the invasive Japanese Knotweed with some innovative organic weed control methods.

We’ve also met some other friendly folks: Ed, from two doors down, who so thoughtfully brought us a hummingbird feeder; Chip, with the cute Jack Russell terrier named Ruby; and a really nice guy whose name I forgot so I hope he comes by again sometime. It’s been surprising to find out that most of the property owners are from the Baltimore area, not locals as I had assumed. Everyone has been very friendly, and it’s nice to know a few folks who would let us know if a tree fell on the cabin when we weren’t there. It’s also great to get the scoop on the community and find out about some decent contractors.

We went to the woods to find solitude, but we found some nice neighbors instead!


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