Better to see you with, my dear

Jen mentioned that we’re behind on the blog, not for lack of working. Every weekend, we get up early and make the 75-mile drive up to PA, then work ourselves to death until the sun goes own and we can hardly drag ourselves back up the stairs to the car. Then the next day, we do it again. My weekends have never been so exhausting.

Last week, we took some time off and actually slept at the cabin. (More on that adventure another time.) What a relief. You know you’re exhausted when an air mattress feels like Stearns & Foster pillowtop.

We had big plans or three solid days of work, but as we are discovering, everything we do takes seventeen times longer than we expected. Being a two-hour round trip from Home Depot takes some getting used to. In addition to much, much building and much, much burning, we managed to put in eight new windows (and when I say “we” I mean Jen while I sat around and was more or less useless). This project, delightfully, was much easier than we thought. Score!

We’ve been dragging our feet on replacing the windows at our house, mostly because our decrepit asbestos siding crumbles into bits if you do much as sneeze in its direction. The windows at the cabin are all at ground level, right in front of our face, and apparently held in with just a few rusty nails. They came out easier than kids who hear the ice cream truck. We did our damn best to compensate for the fact that nothing at the cabin is level, square, or plumb, and Jen got creative with the shimming. A little silicone caulk and they’re firmly in place. About 30 minutes per window!

Here’s a snap of Jen getting ready to put the last one into place.



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