spring cleaning means burning sh*t

In the last three weeks, I’ve learned a whole lot about junk removal.  There is a whole industry of shady characters who will come right to your house and haul away stuff you don’t want.  These folks seem to be retired guys for the most part, and they don’t think girls can do anything. They’ll mostly even take your metal stuff for free!  That was excellent news for our 200+ pound coal stove that Jen and Mary wrestled outside with the sheer force of will. I’d thank Keith Nolastname, who fought the muddy road and had to be pulled out, but I am pretty sure there ain’t no internet where Keith lives.

Another excellent way to get rid of shit is to burn it!  Sometimes we play this game while camping, which we’ve coined Eat It, Burn It, or Chuck It.  Needless to say, NOTHING at the cabin is safe to eat so we’re trying to work our way through 25 years of wood paneling and oak flooring by burning it a bit at a time. You definitely can’t do this in Columbia.  Two metal garbage cans have been perfect for keeping the fire under control-ish.


One thought on “spring cleaning means burning sh*t

  1. I don’t know about down thar’ but up in our corner of pennsyltucky we sell our metal items for big bucks…that stove might have made you some good beer money 🙂

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