you can do it – put your back into it

Except for the most mentally disturbed, most people dislike cleaning.  It’s even more unlikable when you’re cleaning up after someone else.

Our cabin needs a lot of TLC – from a deck that needs replaced to throwing out the previous owner’s toothbrush, we’ve gone through a lot of gloves during our weekend of cleaning.  Beyond the PBR advertising paraphernalia, not much of the stuff left in the cabin is very interesting – all of it is headed to the dump.

When you live in a townhouse, the only hurdle would be how to get it to the dump.  However, when your property sits at the end of a long and steep trail, the difficulty is getting a truck to the it.  We found a nice fellow through the local paper The Delta Star who was willing to brave the trail to the cabin.  After a long, grueling trip in reverse with his trailer, he and his co-worker made quick work of the piles I had prepared.

After they left with my trash and my check, it felt a little easier to breath in the cabin.

Next tasks are to replace the door, remove the plastic from the windows, wash the windows, wash the windows again, and start working on eradicating everyone else who had been living in the cabin the past three years.

I’ve started another pile for them…


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