our first look

We made an offer on our cabin after a 30 minute walkthrough in the snow using only an iPhone for light and were quite anxious to open the door of our new abode after signing the papers.  The cabin was a “bonus” on our 3/4 acre waterfront slice of heaven and we had few expectations for the structure itself.

View of Muddy Creek

VIEW FROM THE DECK: Who doesn't want to eat their lunch here everyday?!



Built in 1963, the cabin was one of the first “camps” built on the banks of Muddy Creek in a new development called Susquehanna Trails.  The original intent of the development was for dozens of camps.  Overtime of course, buildings and structures take on their own evolution and many of the previous camps no longer exist and have been replaced by full-time residences.

The previous owner had lived in the cabin for 25 years before leaving in 2009.  We braced ourselves for a building who’s most recent inhabitants had a lot more fur than either of us.

I’m not sure I’ve ever driven so fast as the moment we left the realtor’s office to get to the cabin (after taking a brief moment to update our Facebook pages of course).  We picked up lunch at Ma & Pa Pizza in Delta, PA, grabbed the camp chairs, and settled on the deck to enjoy lunch with a view – it was beautiful.


CLEAN UP: Someone is going to need to bring their truck

After lunch we dragged ourselves away from the view to explore the cabin.

There were several quiet tense moments of disbelief and pushing down the overwhelming nausea of an impending project that is possibly more than you can handle.  Briefly, someone held out a garbage bag but they set it back down and we went back out on the deck to enjoy the view.

There is a lot of work to be done – and quite a bit of cleaning.

But hey, we bought a cabin.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not interpret this post as a recommendation to purchase a house, property, car, wife or anything else of significant value without first thoroughly inspecting the property. 


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